Call for submissions - Grandview Lent Booklet 2018

Call for submissions - Grandview Lent Booklet 2018

Call for submissions
Grandview Lent Booklet 2018: FREEDOM FROM PRISONS

“He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives, and release to the prisoners.”
Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:18

This Lenten season, you are invited to submit short pieces that explore the theme of ‘freedom from prison’ grounded in Christ’s words. What prisons - whether literal, spiritual, physical, or structural - are present in our world today: in our city, country, society, and in ourselves? How do we 1) acknowledge and lament imprisonment and 2) posture ourselves towards and participate in liberation from these forms of captivity? What does freedom from prisons look like?

Your piece may take the form of a poem, prayer, drawing, journal entry or meditation, or some combination of the above. (Keep in mind visual art will be printed in grayscale.) You may also pass on a piece by a different writer that you feel fits the theme.

Some other questions to consider:
• What holds you, your friends, or your neighbours captive? What would freedom look like?
• What prisons and walls do we mourn, as manifestations of sin and brokenness in our world? (Ex. Manus Island and treatment of refugees, disproportionate incarceration of Indigenous people in Canada, West Bank wall)
• How can we lament the ways we participate in ways that hold others captive?
• What would a world look like without prisons and other carceratory powers? How do we seek that world?

Length: 500 words max
Submit to: [email protected]
Deadline: February 7

Note: this theme is a starting point, but all submissions are gladly accepted - whether or not you feel they fit the theme or not.


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