Resources for Worship: July 19th

Ways to Worship at Home

Greetings Grandview Community

Below are a few offerings that you can choose to use as you enter into worship this week. As always, we trust you will use your creativity to embrace worship in your homes and neighbourhoods in lots of ways. 

    • Tune in at or after 10:30am on Sunday for the audio service for this week. 
    • Here is the set list with chords and lyrics, for the songs included in the service.
    • Ideas to help you listen: 
      • if it's helpful, think of the service like an old-school radio program you gather around to listen to with family or neighbours
      • find something to do with your hands so that you can more easily focus on what you hear (e.g., playing with clay, colouring, building with lego, knitting)
      • or, download the audio, put your headphones in, and take it for a walk while you listen
    • Accessing the service:
      • The audio file can be played right here:
      • OR, you can listen from the Sermons page.
      • You can also listen to the service wherever you find your podcasts (look for the most recent episode from "Grandview Church").
    • (Big thanks to Gilbert and Matt A for editing of the service this week!)
  • Announcements: 
    • Thanks to Jenny T for recording our announcements this week! Audio announcements will be included in the service, but we definitely recommend watching the video version here: 
  • SONGS: 
    • See the Songs page for a few of the songs that have been recorded by the musicians in our community. 
    • If you are a musician and don't have access to our song database (Gospel Software) please email [email protected]. We would love to set you up with an account so that you can access song lyrics and chords to play at home, or record a song or two that we can share with the congregation.
  • Tithes and Offerings:
  • BULLETIN Check it out for the latest church and community news.
    • If you have something you would like to add to the bulletin, please email the office: [email protected].
  • Other Ideas
    • Read this week's scripture Matthew 20:29-34
    • Ask these Wondering Questions: 
      • I wonder what your favorite part of this story is? 
      • I wonder what part makes you feel uncomfortable?
      • Do you identify with the men who are shouting or with the crowd that is shushing them?
      • What invitation do you hear from Jesus?
    • Phone a friend:
      • Reach out to someone in our congregation or another neighbour. Ask for help. Offer it. Seek, give, and receive the care of God through those around you. 
    • Ask for prayer: [email protected] 
    • Reach out to Jodi: [email protected]
    • Email our parish nurse[email protected]