Resources for Worship: Sunday April 26th

Ways to Worship at Home

Resources for worshipping at home: Sunday, April 26th

Christ is Risen!!

Below are a few offerings that you can choose to use as you enter into worship on this Third Sunday of Easter. We trust you will also use your creativity to embrace worship in your homes and neighbourhoods lots of other ways! 

  • OFFLINE: All Ages Worship at Home - April 26
    • Follow this simple but beautiful liturgy at home.
      It includes a treasure hunt! 
  • ONLINE: Sunday Online Service (YouTube) <<----- LINK
    • Starts at 10:30am!! 
    • Watch along live to add your greetings in the chat section.
    • Play along with your instruments at home: Set List with Chords
  • OR watch individual videos: 
  • SONGS: Lots of songs have been posted on our Songs page! Including: 
    • Easter video compilations, and Easter songs recorded last year in the sanctuary
    • Songs recorded by a few of the worship leaders and musicians in our church so far.
  • Tithes and Offerings:
    • Have offerings you would normally bring on Sunday? Visit the Giving page.
  • Bulletin! Yes, we have an e-bulletin this week!
  • Other Ideas
    • Read again and dwell on the themes of sadness and hope in Lamentations 3:1-9,19-33.
    • Ask yourself, or discuss together as a family:
      • What sadness and grief do you need to name on your path toward getting a grip on hope? 
      • Where are symbols of sadness being transformed into symbols of hope or joy?
      • What would it look like for you to go searching for the Risen Christ at work around you?
    • Take a look at the Worship through the Easter art of our children (it's great!!)
    • Take a walk around your neighbourhood:
      • Find creative ways to offer signs of hope to people who live close to you.