Resources for Worship: July 5th

Ways to Worship at Home

Greetings Grandview!

Here, a few ways that you can choose to enter into worship with us this week. 

  • ZOOM SERVICE @ 10:30am:
    • Thanks for those who joined the Zoom Storytelling Sunday worship service as we gathered together to bear witness to the work of God among us.
    • Accessing the service:
      • The zoom link and instructions was shared via email.
        (To join our mailing list, email [email protected].) 
      • Note that the service was not recorded, so will not be available after the event.
      • Here are some of the prayers that were shared during the prayer time: 
        • We pray for those who are alone
        • For the presence of fellowship to be felt, even when we can’t gather in person as we used to.
        • I pray for those who feel lonely even if they are in a family or if they are alone in their homes.
        • i pray for healing of relationship and restoration. may we grow in unity.
        • We pray for justice for all racialized people in our city and our world
        • for those who are trying to find or keep employment during this time
        • May our fears of doing the wrong thing not disable us from doing any good thing for others around us.
        • for those longing for stable housing in our city
        • for our neighbours to the south and for families separated by borders
    • Home Groups: You are invited to get together with your home group to share your own experiences of meeting God in this time. Details will be shared via email with home group leaders.  
  • SONGS: 
    • See the Songs page for a few of the songs that have been recorded by the musicians in our community. 
    • If you are a musician and don't have access to our song database (Gospel Software) please email [email protected]. We would love to set you up with an account so that you can access song lyrics and chords to play at home, or record a song or two that we can share with the congregation.
  • Tithes and Offerings:
  • BULLETIN Check it out for the latest church and community news.
    • If you have something you would like to add to the bulletin, please email the office: [email protected].
  • Other Ideas