Resources for Worship: June 14th

Ways to Worship at Home

Hello Grandview Community

Below are a few offerings that you can choose to use as you enter into worship this week. As always, we trust you will also use your creativity to embrace worship in your homes and neighbourhoods lots of other ways. 

    • This week, our digital corporate service offering will take a different form: a 26 minute audio service. We hope that in this week's audio-only offering you find some surprising gifts.
    • Ideas to help listen well: 
      • find something to do with your hands so that you can more easily focus on what you hear (e.g., playing with clay, colouring, building with lego, knitting)
      • listen via our podcast (available on iTunes) or download the audio file onto your mobile device, put your headphones in, and take it for a walk while you listen
    • The audio file can be played right here:
    • OR, listen from the Sermons page.
    • You can also listen to the service wherever you find your podcasts (look for the most recent episode from "Grandview Church").
    • We would love your feedback. If you have thoughts you would like to share, feel free to email [email protected]. (Or make a few mental notes of your experience to keep in mind for a survey that's coming soon.)
  • SONGS: There will be no music included in this week's audio worship service. But some songs from previous weeks have been posted on our Songs page.
    • Also, if you are a musician and don't have access to our song database (Gospel Software) please email [email protected]. We would love to set you up with an account so that you can access song lyrics and chords to play at home.  
  • Prayer Cards
    • Have you received your morning, evening and sabbath prayer cards in the mail yet? 
    • If you would like to receive these, but don't think we have your address, email [email protected].
    • See also the digital versions of the prayers and letters that were sent out on our main Resources for Worship At Home page.
  • Tithes and Offerings:
    • Have offerings you would normally bring on Sunday? Visit the Giving page.
  • BULLETIN Check it out for the latest church and community news.
    • If you have something you would like to add to the bulletin, please email the office: [email protected].
  • Other Ideas
    • Read again Matthew 14:22-36 
    • Phone a friend:
      • Reaching out to someone in our congregation, or a neighbour. Seek the care of God by offering caring for others. Email the care team for folks who may be in need of connection, OR if you yourself are seeking someone to connect with you: [email protected]
    • Take a nap or find other ways to embrace rest today.
    • Ask for prayer: [email protected] 
    • Reach out to Jodi: [email protected]
    • Health concerns? Email our parish nurse: [email protected]