Resources for Worship: Pentecost Sunday

Ways to Worship at Home

pentecost mosaic

May the Spirit be upon you this week and always! 

Below are a few offerings that you can choose to use as you enter into worship this week. We trust you will also use your creativity to embrace worship in your homes and neighbourhoods lots of other ways! 

  • ONLINE: Sunday Online Service (YouTube) <<----- LINK
    • Starts at 10:30am!! 
    • Watch along live to add your greetings in the chat section.
    • Play along with your instruments at home: Set List with Chords 
  • ZOOM Blessing: Farewell to Mark 
    • Join us at after the service on Sunday (around 11:15) as we express thanks, and bless, Pastor Mark, and say farewell to their family. (They plan return to Grandview in time, but will be away for the next year.)
  • OR watch individual videos: 
  • SONGS: Some songs have been posted on our Songs page! We hope to update these soon. 
  • Tithes and Offerings:
    • Have offerings you would normally bring on Sunday? Visit the Giving page.
  • Bulletin! Check out the latest church and community news each week.
  • Other Ideas
    • Read Acts 2:1-17.
    • Ask yourself, or discuss with your household these wondering questions:
      • Have you ever felt closer to someone, by learning their language or by them learning yours? 
      • What might it have felt like for the Jews from other nations in the Roman Empire to hear the good news in the language of their mother and father, of their homeland? 
      • When the Holy Spirit fell upon the disciples, do you think they would have felt God’s love for them, God’s desire for them in a new way? What would this have been like?  
      • Christian African American activists have used the phrase, “the beloved community.” What does this phrase mean to you? Where is Christ in this kind of community?  
      • So, the overhead project is dead and buried (tears). Yet, what kind of values are shown forth in our keeping an old (barely legible) overhead projector for so long? 
    • Phone a friend:
      • Turn lonely longings into a reaching out to others, seeking the care of God by offering caring for others. Email the care team for folks who may be in need of connection, OR if you yourself are seeking someone to connect with you: [email protected]
    • Take a walk around your neighbourhood and look for signs of the Risen Christ:
      • Share them with each other!
    • Ask for prayer: [email protected] 
    • Reach out to Jodi: [email protected]
    • Healt concerns? Email our parish nurse *COMING SOON*: [email protected]