Resources for Worship: Sunday May 17th

Ways to Worship at Home

Resources for worshipping at home: Sunday, MAY 17th

Christ is Risen!!

Below are a few offerings that you can choose to use as you enter into worship on this Fifth Sunday of Easter. We trust you will also use your creativity to embrace worship in your homes and neighbourhoods lots of other ways! 

  • OFFLINE: All Ages Worship at Home - May 17
    • Follow this simple but beautiful liturgy at home.
      It includes another treasure hunt! 
  • ONLINE: Sunday Online Service (YouTube) <<----- LINK
    • Starts at 10:30am!! 
    • Watch along live to add your greetings in the chat section.
      (Note that you can turn off the chat if you find it distracting.)
    • Play along with your instruments at home: Set List with Chords
  • OR watch individual videos: 
  • SONGS: Lots of songs have been posted on our Songs page.
  • Tithes and Offerings:
    • Have offerings you would normally bring on Sunday? Visit the Giving page.
  • Bulletin! Yes, we have an e-bulletin this week!
  • Other Ideas
    • Read Daniel 3:1-28.
    • Reflect on, or discuss together with your family these wondering questions: 
      • I wonder what made Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego brave enough to resist the emperor’s command?
      • I wonder what lesson God is teaching us in this pandemic experience?
      • I wonder how the story of the exiles in Babylon can influence us as we “recover” from COVID-19?
    • Phone a friend:
      • Feeling lonely? Turn a longing into a reaching out to others, seeking the care of God by offering caring to others. Email the care team for folks who may be in need of connection: [email protected]
    • Take a walk around your neighbourhood and look for signs of our present and active God. Pray for the in-breaking of God's kingdom as you walk. Share what you notice with others.
    • Reach out for prayer: [email protected]