Corporate Worship

Corporate Worship

Our weekly corporate gatherings sustain and energise us as we seek the Kingdom of God together. The be sure, Grandview is a community that earnestly follows Christ all week, however, we gather especially on the Lord’s Day to be nourished by his Spirit.

Our practices of corporate worship are precious to us and have developed over many years. We share in liturgy that is both traditional and also responds to the joys and griefs within our society. 

Our gatherings could be described by four pairs of worship elements, that could be thought to stand in tension:  

We share in contemplative prayer and silence along with worship in a (often) folk music style;

we are fed by the preaching of the scriptures along with liturgical sanctuary art;

we experience an emotional range in our worship, from grieving the brokenness of our society and world to celebrating Christ and his gifts;

we share in liturgy that is both traditional and also responds to the joys and griefs of our neighbourhood and world.

Our worship is a ministry of the whole body of Christ, with many people contributing to each service. We minister to one another in our gatherings, through passing the peace of Christ, through corporate prayer, through the ‘prayer corner’, where people may receive prayer, and through times of discussion. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper weekly.



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