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The Women Who Tricked Pharaoh

  Twelve women appear in the opening chapters of Exodus, some of whom by their cunning, boldness, and decisiveness trick Pharaoh and preserve Moses’ life in order that God’s plans might be fulfilled.[1] “Without Moses, there would be no story, but without the initiative of these women, there would be no... Read More


New Monasticism: an Old Idea in a New Form

New Monasticism: An Old Idea in a New Form             The names of Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove were not known by anyone beyond their friends and family at the turn of the century.  Now just over a decade on, their names like the name of the movement they are associated with, New Monasticism,... Read More


Easter Saturday Reflection

Today, as we wait in puzzled grief, we also remember that Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for Jesus body and laid it in his own new tomb. This little vignette in the gospels is a store of riches.  One thought is that Joseph would have laid Jesus body in the tomb with a plan for the body in his mind. Customarily,... Read More


"The Interview" - a bit of fun at Grandview.

Check out the Interview portion of the 2018 AGM skit!   Read More


A Narrative of Restoration and Providence: The Co:Here Story

[The following is the edited text from Pastor Tim Dickau's sermon given on February 11th, 2018, for the Sunday celebration of the opening of the Co:Here Building.] Noticing the Action of God in a Secular Age   Living in an age and a part of the world that often excludes or ignores the Divine action, noticing the... Read More

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Me, too, and me: Why I'm Going to the Men's Retreat.

I, like many, have been doing a lot of thinking about sexual assault and harassment lately. I decided to write about my own experience in the hopes of encouraging other Grandview men to enter into these conversations. My hope is that in writing about my own experience with sexual assault I won’t be de-centering... Read More


Art & Reflection: Advent Anticipation

 We turn our broken selves our messy world toward the Christ candle waiting in anticipation knowing in hope that our Good King has come and will come again.   Janice Tolkamp, our Artist-in-Residence this year, has installed beautiful and evocative window art to help us enter into prayerful waiting this Advent... Read More


Faithful Adaptation

Grandview’s community has a lot to commend itself to Jesus followers. The liturgy is rich. The songs are nourishing. There is among us a unique commitment to seeing justice lived out in our neighborhood. I could enumerate many charisms of our people. One of the oft overlooked, and a personal favorite of mine, is... Read More

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What About the Canaanite Genocide?

Reading the texts of Canaanite destruction in the Old Testament is disturbing, and these texts raise big questions for many of us. This blog seeks to understand the meaning of these texts for the original readers and for us, also noting the misuse of these texts along the way.  I don’t want to diminish the... Read More


A Theology of Community

The Present Landscape             Forming any sort of abiding face to face community is becoming rarer in our culture.  Robert Putnam's classic study entitled "Bowling Alone" charts the accelerating demise of participation in community groups and associations from the years 1960-2000. [1]  There are multiple... Read More