Worship Service: Sundays 10:30AM 

A Community of Faith

All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing, just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and understood God’s grace in all its truth. (Colossians 1:6)

Grandview is a community of people who journey together as followers of Jesus. We continue Christ's work in the world with a lot of heart. Though we often fail to live as a sign to what the Kingdom of God is like, we keep planting seeds, trusting the Spirit to grow us and grow our work in the world. 

Our community is congregational in its structure, which means that every person is responsible for the mission and the shared life of our community. This requires us to be a community marked by the grace of God. We need grace from one another regularly and give it just as often. Even as we encourage and challenge one another to go deeper into the life of Christ, we offer trust to one another, knowing that God is at work in each of us. We see ourselves as bridge builders among the larger people of God and also within our places of work, leisure, and relationship. We are committed to one another in all our diversity, we are committed to the good of our city—particularly the Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood—and we are committed to our own spiritual growth. This involves a lot of joy and pain. In a variety of ways, we are in solidarity with the marginalized, we find fresh expression of ancient traditions, we love and care for God’s creation, and much more. We remain committed to these things because we believe they are our Creator’s purpose for us, because we have become disciples of Jesus, and because the Holy Spirit renews Christ’s life in us regularly.  

Our communal life needs to be experienced to be known. So come visit us on Sunday for worship at 10:30am and get a snapshot. Or visit one of our partner organizations for another snapshot. Best of all, stay around for a long time, working, worshiping, and playing alongside us, to get the clearest picture. We hope that what you see is the Spirit of God using our community to plant seeds of Christ’s Kingdom in our neighbourhood and in our world. We look forward to welcoming you. Even more…we look forward to seeing how God’s embrace of the whole of you will lead you to welcome others to experience the same.  

A few writings that describe the particular spirit of our community:  

Seven seeds of the kingdom

Here are the seven “seeds of the Kingdom” that we are all committed to planting in our community and in our own lives: prayer, corporate worship, scriptural reflection, shared life, justice, creation care, and creativity. Click on the link to explore this further.

Four trajectories

A helpful lens into the heart and character of Grandview is four trajectories or movements. Click on the link to learn more. 

Our History

Click on the link to read a history of Grandview.