Shared life is a part of a biblical vision for God's people. 

Reflecting on our individualistic culture, Mike Mason writes, "We live as if we are Adam, as if we are the only person on earth." However, Christ’s people are invited to move from individualism towards a more communal identity. Shared life happens at many different levels of community: celebrating the sacraments, feasting, engaging in mission, praying with and for one another, acts of love and service, weekly worship, a variety of living arrangements, raising children, advocacy for one another and for those in our neighbourhoods, working toward justice, and innumerable small interactions. Part of the biblical vision for Christ followers is to live deeply as kin, as family in Christ, finding solidarity with one another as we engage in the work of the Kingdom.

At Grandview, we share our gifts and abilities with one another in order to nourish our shared life in Christ and to bless our neighbourhood. Grandview is full of leaders and initiators, and every person is invited to contribute.

For Newcomers...

We know that it can be challenging to be a newcomer. We have all been the new person at some point and want to do a good job of welcoming you. In a transient city like Vancouver, your best tool for making this community home is putting down roots in whatever ways you can. Here are some ways to begin sharing in the life of this community: 

  1. Participate in worship each week.
  2. Stay for food after the worship services and initiate conversations with people at your table. More details here
  3. Join a home group, where faces become friends and where you can learn how to love a few people well. More details here.
  4. Contact a pastor. The pastors love sharing a coffee or tea on The Drive with anyone who is seeking to knit into our community. 
  5. Volunteer and get involved. During announcement time, listen for how your skills and interests could serve the community. Preparing food together is an especially good way to meet other people - put your hand up for these opportunities. Better yet, sign up on the clipboards that get handed around! 
  6. Chat with a pastor or someone else to discern about joining a team, serving in worship, participating in prayer, contributing to food and hospitality, etc. 

Here are a few places you can participate and connect with our neighbourhood.

MOMS - Mothers Offering Mentorship & Support 

Wednesday mornings

  • care for children (training and screening required)
  • welcome and build relationships with mothers
  • prepare lunch for 25
  • plan and lead arts and crafts workshops 
  • assist with program set-up and/or clean-up

More information  


Wednesday mornings 9:30am-12pm

  • co-host a free laundry program at the Washing Wells Laundromat

More information

Kinbrace: Refugee Housing and Support

  • join Kinbrace’s Ride for Refuge team to raise awareness and funds to support people in Canada’s refugee protection system
  • tutor and/or organize activities for Kinbrace Kids
  • tutor ESL for adults at Kinbrace

Contact: Loren Balisky     604-255-9691

More information

REED (Resist Exploitation, Embrace Dignity)

  • join our Ride for Refuge Team each Fall to raise awareness and funds for sexually exploited women
  • advocate to end commercial sexual exploitation
  • serve on the Prayer Team
  • serve on the Fundraising Team
  • street Outreach

Contact: 604-753-9929

More information

 JustWork Economic Initiative

  •  help us sell pottery at local churches and events this fall by either:
    •  packing pottery for the sale
    •  helping host a sale table
    •  coordinating volunteers for these tasks
  • volunteer your graphic designer skills to help with our marketing materials
  • spend a few hours per week helping with office administration tasks
  • be a regular volunteer with JustPotters assisting with tasks like recycling clay and packing pottery for shipment to customers — all while hanging out with a great bunch of potters!

Contact: Russell Pinson        604.734.2104

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