Seven Seeds of the Kingdom  

During our 2015-2016 visioning process, we discerned seven ‘seeds’ that characterize our shared life. These seven seeds describe the ways in which God has been guiding and shaping our community over the past years. These seven seeds are not a standard for holiness; rather they describe our communal response, by the Spirit, to Christ’s invitation to follow him.   

Creation care

We desire to honor our Maker by reverencing what our Maker has made. We seek to live, garden, work, and eat thoughtfully in relation to the creation. We keep informed and engaged in advocacy issues concerning creation care, including some of us acting as allies to First Nations groups in their endeavors to care for the creation.  

Shared life

We seek to be kindred together, sharing in meals, dwellings, rest, play, prayer, celebration, grief, and the work of the Kingdom of God. We are a diverse community, and by our shared life we challenge the homogeneity of Western lifestyles, choosing instead the celebration of the Kingdom. We value making decisions together, and we work hard at processes that allow everyone to play a part in guiding the community.  


We pray for and work for justice in our neighbourhood, the nation, and the globe. We invite the ‘weakest’ among us into the center of our community. We pursue justice through nourishing the diversity of our community, through the various partner organizations that Grandview has birthed, and through advocacy.  

Corporate worship

Our weekly corporate gatherings sustain and energise us as we seek the Kingdom of God, together. Our practices of corporate worship are precious to us and have developed over many years. The liturgy is both traditional and also responds to the current joys and griefs within our society. We experience an emotional range in our worship, from grieving the brokenness of our society and world to celebrating Christ and the hope that springs from the resurrection.  

Biblical reflection

Scripture, as God’s Word, guides us in our life and mission. Scripture shapes our community through preaching, courses during the Easter season, contemplative practices, lectures, and home groups. We engage the Bible in a range of ways, including biblical-theological and missional approaches, contemplative readings such as lectio divina and liberation lenses.  


For nearly two decades we have growing in our practices of contemplative prayer. Many of us have daily prayer practices through which we draw close to God. In prayer, we place our lives and the life of our community into God’s care. Stillpointe Urban Retreat is our place of prayer and retreat in the city. We value healing prayer, listening prayer, and discerning prayer. There is an opportunity to receive prayer in every service of worship.  


Everything we do, we strive to do creatively. We respond creatively to injustices, for example, by birthing partner organizations like Kinbrace, which welcomes refugee claimants. As another example, we have turned our church parking lot into three levels of integrated-living housing called Co:Here. We also value the arts, from liturgical art in the sanctuary to jazz vespers to our children’s drama program, Eastside Story Guild.

In our shared life, we: 

  • Sow and attend to each of these seeds in our lives
  • Learn from and empower those with a calling to grow particular seeds in our community and our world
  • Work and rest alongside one another, tending God’s Kingdom together