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Where is God moving towards us?

A gathering of directed reflection, silence and song

August 12, 2020 at 7pm


Personal, relational and global disruption can provide pivotal moments that awaken us to God’s participation in our journeys. These moments of disruption can also reveal both grief and frustrated attempts to restore what used to be normal.

In this evening gathering we invite you into a gentle posture of hospitality, both to openness and to any resistance you may be carrying. We will be listening to where God is drawing near to us and to our community, to offer comfort, illumination, reminders, encouragement, and invitations.

Details of note:

  • All attending will be required to sign up in advance (link below)
  • Bring something to write with and on (e.g., journal and pen)
  • There will be no singing or food sharing
  • Childcare will not be provided

This gathering will take place in the Grandview sanctuary at 1803 E 1st Ave. on unceded Coast Salish territory, respecting COVID-19 protocols:

  • Mask will be required
  • 2 meters of social distance will be expected
  • Grandview will keep contact tracing records
  • You will be asked standard COVID-19 screening questions
  • You will need to sanitize your hands on entry
  • We will not be singing or sharing in any food

Sign up here by Monday, August 10thContemplative Service Signup