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August 2nd In-Person Worship Gatherings


On August 2nd we are offering opportunities for socially distanced, in person gatherings for worship in a park near you! (not a Zoom service, as was previously announced.) If you would like to participate we need your response by July 29th at noon.
The service will involve a shared liturgy, prayer, a new way of extending the peace of Christ to one another, and opportunities for conversation. You all have been amazingly resilient in trying new forms of technology and formats for worship as we try to respond with love and care for the vulnerable in our communities. We would ask for your patience in regard to this attempt to gather as well. There will not be any specific programming for children, though the service has been designed with children in mind. There will also be no singing. 

In order to keep groups at an appropriate size, we will assign those who have signe up a time/location. Watch your inbox for confirmation and more info.