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On Sunday February 16, 2020, Pastor Tim Dickau read a letter to the Grandview congregations stating that he has resigned as head pastor of Grandview Church. We at Grandview receive this news with both sadness for this change and hope for the new opportunities opening up for Tim.

Tim has been a pastor at Grandview for three decades. After Tim (and his wife Mary) arrived at Grandview in the late '80s, he led the church to refocus its mission among the neighbourhood and for the good of the city. That focus resulted in the emergence of a number of creative responses as a church in and for the neighbourhood and city. For years he has also offered his pastoral, preaching, and leadership gifts to the Church more broadly while liaising with and teaching for external groups and communities. His book, Plunging Into the Kingdom Way, tells the story of Grandview’s development of practices of community, hospitality, justice, and confession in dialogue with other new monastic type communities across North America. For three decades, Tim's Spirit-led and Spirit-filled vision for the radical hospitality of Jesus Christ in the city of Vancouver has touched many for the gospel. We are grateful beyond words for Tim's faithfulness to the Grandview family over these many years. Though his pastoral role at Grandview has come to an end, Tim will continue to be a part of the Grandview community and church life.

We look forward to honoring Tim's thirty year ministry among us in the Spring with a memorable and meaningful celebration. More to come on that. Stay tuned!

If you would like to read Tim's letter, you can do so at this link. If you would like to hear Tim's letter read in his voice and also hear an interview with Tim where he explains what's next for him, you can click here.

Tim will soon be switching off his Grandview email address, so if you wish to contact him you can do so at