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An exploration of some of the basics of Christianity for Grade 6 through 18yr olds. 

This catechesis (fancy church word for Jesus-education) will be framed around the Emmaus story when Jesus explained who he was and what he was about to some peops who were a little confused. That's kinda all of us, so this class is about listening to Jesus about who he is. 

Classes will start with pizza, because that it proper. 
Here are the topics:
  • Jesus and the Old Testament
  • Jesus
  • Conversion
  • Baptism (these two might not be in this order, due to theological reservations and special guest scheduling). 
  • Prayer
  • scripture
  • Worship
  • mission
On Tuesdays and one Friday (June 2from 5pm to 7.
Conveners: Jake (youth pastor), and Melanie (children's pastor), and special guests.
Who's this for? Those who are interested in the above topics and eating pizza. 
Does this cost something? Not money. 
Who do I tell I want to take this? 
Can I take it again even if I took it last year? Absolutely, unless you've gotten over your interests in pizza and Jesus (may it never be!).