Mark Glanville
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Grandview has initiated a limited external review. The review will be held on the weekend of June 24th-26th.  

Three visitors will learn about our community and provide us with feedback. We have discussed this review as a community in the May church meeting where we produced some reflections for the visitors to consider.  

The visitors are experienced leaders in intentional communities. The church Council has asked them to consider three key questions:  

  1. What are priorities to address in order to develop a sustainable, missional, creative community both in the short term and the long-term?
  2. What staffing configuration do we need moving forward? What is lacking? 
  3. What kind of structures are needed at this stage in our development in order to foster a healthy community and good decision-making?

The visitors will report back to the Council on June 26th.    

Would you like to participate in the review?  

On Sunday June 25 there will be a meal after both services. Some people (not all) will share this meal in a small group with one of the visitors. People will be invited to share their response to two questions: What is giving life to the community? What is taking life from the community?  

There is also an opportunity to sit one-one-one with a visitor for twenty minutes (spots are limited). This will take place on June 15 between 2PM and 3PM.  

If you would like to participate in this way, please email Mark Glanville: [email protected]