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We at Grandview are pleased to announce, with much gratitude, the hiring of Jodi Spargur as our interim pastor.

As was mentioned at our Annual General Meeting in February, church council had formed an exploratory committee to consider what kind of support our community needed through a season of transition.

Tim Dickau, our pastor of nearly 30 years, has this year begun new work with CityGate Leadership Forum and Vancouver School of Theology. Just before the suspension of our physical gatherings, we announced that Mark Glanville, our evening congregation pastor, had accepted the Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology position at Regent College and will be finishing his work at Grandview at the end of May. In addition, Joy Banks, our morning congregation pastor, began her sabbatical on March 1 and will be away until August.

It’s been an unexpected blessing that due to the unusual circumstances that we’re presently in, Jodi has been able to consider and now accept a call to pastor at Grandview for the next few months. She is wise and experienced, and her trusting relationships with our staff as well as her deep love for and knowledge of our church, will help expedite her integration into her new role in a time of new uncertainty resulting from COVID-19.

Some of you already know Jodi, as she has been a valued member of our community for many years. We’ve been enriched by our partnership in her work with issues related to Settler/Indigenous relationships in Canada. This work, through Healing at the Wounding Place, will continue part-time while she is pastoring at Grandview from now until the end of August, and she will return to it more fully at the conclusion of this interim period.For those for whom Jodi may be unfamiliar, here’s a brief interview with her.