Randy Williams
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About Our Current Covid Policies: We recognize that our church community holds diverse views regarding the adoption of practices to safeguard against Covid 19. Your survey feedback, and particularly your concerns about unvaccinated children and adults with compromised autoimmune conditions, have been heard. Acknowledging these real concerns and desiring to conduct our community activities in as safe a manner as possible, Grandview has adopted the following Covid prevention policies for our current season:    

Mask requirements: All adult participants are required to wear facemasks or shields while attending in-door Sunday worship services. People leading or presenting up front are permitted to remove their masks, provided they keep 2 metres distance from others. Children in grade 1 and older are also required to wear masks. These mask requirement apply to all services, in-door group events, gatherings, and programs within the Grandview church building, excepting the discretionary exceptions listed below.  

Discretionary exceptions: Regular small group gatherings, such as homegroups or committee meetings, may choose to gather without masks. In such instances, participants may jointly agree to remove masks based on their regular attendees’ vaccination levels, and health sensitivity.  This exception only applies to situations where the group make-up is static.

Vaccine requirements for those working with children:  All staff and volunteers who teach or work alongside children must be vaccinated. Children’s ministry leaders will confirm that volunteers have obtained a provincial vaccine card.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we navigate our return to indoor services.