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Go to the read the bible in two years webpage.

Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Feb 14th, our community is invited to read the Bible through in two years. 

Reading through the whole Bible together in two years will be useful for you whether scripture is an old friend, a respected acquaintance, a relative that requires engaging, or a new lover. Over the next two years, we will deepen our friendship with scripture by giving it our full attention, by listening to all of it (not just the bits we find inspiring), by attending to its nuances, by engaging with its paradoxes, by noticing the conversations among stories within it, by carving out time to be with it, and by deliberately nourishing trust for two years.  

We don’t enter this friendship alone. We’ll read in community: emails for each book of the Bible will provide you with useful contextual information, monthly gatherings will be a space to bring your doubts and questions, and homegroups or reading partnerships will keep you motivated to keep pursuing friendship with scripture. Perhaps you will choose to read certain books aloud. Let us know if you find other creative ways of inviting scripture into community.  

Our relationship with scripture varies across a lifetime. Our lives are continually encountering the story of the Bible. And a lot happens in our lives and in the Bible! As we enter into a two-year journey with scripture, you might want to journal about your relationship to the Bible. Where are you at now? Where do you want to be in two years? As we journey together we hope to 1. deepen our awareness of the ways its stories shape us, 2. become familiar with the big story of the whole Bible, 3. get a sense of the character of each book of the Bible, 4. deepen our communion with Christ.  

If you already have a regular discipline of prayer, feel free to incorporate these readings into your own practices. If you are unsure how to read, you can find some possible ways of reading on the webpage

Kurtis Peters ( and Mark Glanville ( are guiding us through this project.   

To have your email address added to the Reading the Bible in Two Years email list, so that you can receive book summaries and other news, email [email protected]