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Update from Interim Pastor Jodi Spargur

Hello Grandview! Some of you will have heard that my contract as interim pastor has been extended, and so I wanted to let you know what that means. Council and Joy have asked me to stay on a bit longer, extending from the original August 30th date to October 15th. The reason for this has been two fold. First, a new interim has not yet been found and Joy has had a super steep learning curve in re-entering post-sabbatical. Therefore a little more overlap allows for more support for Joy. Secondly, this extension is allowing me to tackle some policy and HR tasks that need some focused attention, as well as providing some reflection on my time that could hopefully help the next interim get up to speed quickly when that person starts.

That raises the question of the next interim, for whom the hiring committee is looking. This is taking a little longer than expected because of COVID complications as well as needing to give Joy some time to get back and speak into the decision-making process about what the church needs from an interim in the next phase of transition. There will likely be a gap still between my departure and the arrival of the next interim but hopefully that gap will be short. You can be praying for Joy, the rest of the staff and Council as they continue to lead in this challenging time.

So, what is next for me? I will return to my work with Healing at the Wounding Place which is now running under the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. As is recommended by our denomination I will step away from participation in the life of Grandview for a season of at least a year. I will miss you all but I knew this would be part of the cost when I said yes to the job. One thing I have learned after pastoring now in four different churches is that it is sad to leave. But every leaving is an important reminder that the head of every church is Christ, and the Spirit of God is at work providing just what is needed. Pastoral transitions, even interim ones, are opportunities to be reminded in whom we put our faith and hope--both as pastors and as congregants.