Luke 22: 54-23:49

Today’s podcast is for Good Friday. On this day we remember the trial, crucifixion, and death of our Lord Jesus.

This podcast will follow a different format from previous podcasts in this series. We will meditate on the cross of Christ by using four (4) movements, with each offering a window to the work of Christ leading up to and on the cross. Each movement will follow the same rhythm:

  • a chime will indicate the beginning of the movement;
  • a refrain of “Behold” will orient us to the scripture reading to follow;
  • there will be a time of spoken prayer, with silence woven in for your own prayer and contemplation;
  • we will end the movement in continued prayer through a song.

We invite you to take a moment and gather some paper and drawing/writing utensils to be used during the third movement. We also invite you to light a candle as a representation of the light and life of Christ.