Mark Glanville
December 3, 2017
Mark Glanville
Evening Congregation Pastor

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John 1:1-4, 18

At Grandview, we practice Lectio Divina (Divine Reading) for the Sundays during the season of Advent. We read a different scripture passage each week, listening in stillness for God to speak to us through the text and through one another. We learn together how to watch, wait, and prepare for the coming of Christ. This year we will focus on readings from the Apostle John.

Because of the sacred nature of these services, we will not be recording and posting a sermon. Instead, we encourage you to join with us in meditating on and responding to the passage for this Sunday.

LECTIO DIVINA - John 1:1-4, 18

A time of listening to the word            

First reading What word or phrase stands out to you? (1 minute silence)  

Second reading Is there a sense, image, or memory that comes to mind for you? (3 minutes silence)  

Third reading Is there an invitation for you? (5 minutes silence)