Joy Banks
February 21, 2021
Joy Banks


Exodus 25-40 (35:30-36:6)
Our "Tabernacle" Work Our "Tabernacle" Work Our "Tabernacle" Work
  • Teresa reads Exodus 35:30 through 36:6
  • Elly and Asher B illustrate our scripture passage today! 
  • Joy preaches on how we are invited into the work of building the Tabernacle -- God's sacred dwelling presence in the world. 

Big thanks to Anika for sharing her graphic storytelling of today's sermon! 

The 7 points about the Tabernacle work that Joy shares in the second half of her sermon are listed below. 
These all begin with a loving covenant partnership with God:

  1. Instructions on what to build comes out of that partnership
  2. Invitation to share from what has been given
  3. Contributions are communal
  4. Labourers are Spirit-filled and honoured
  5. The work fits the context and the capacity
  6. The product is humble yet beautiful
  7. Stops at enough