Amy  Anderson
June 7, 2021
Amy Anderson
Guest Speaker


Mark 3:20-22, 31-35
  • Molly reads our scripture passage this morning
  • Eli illustrates the story
  • Amy shares how God's Family welcomes everyone
  • She reminds us that the church is only God's Family when Jesus is at its center
  • And that if Jesus is not at the center of our church, we are inviting them into our own kingdoms, rather than God's Kingdom

Amy shared a set of questions for further reflection on this topic: 

  • Are we open to God acting in ways we don’t expect? 
  • Are we okay with changing the way we do things to respond to the new movement of the Spirit?
  • Are we listening for God to speak in prayer and Scripture?
  • Do we love each other?
  • Do we actively seek and practice forgiveness? 
  • Do we have hope?
  • Are we okay with admitting our limits?
  • Do we trust that God will make up the difference when we fall short?