During the Covid-19 situation: 
  • If you have needs for financial help to do Laundry, please contact Christina at, or call or text 778-840-5575, 
  • We are offering free laundry that Christina will arrange with the owner of Washing Wells Laundromat for him to provide the coins, and the church through CLEAN Break will pay him back. 
  • It needs to be arranged so that Christina can confirm it and also make sure not too many people show up at the same time.
  • Also, please try to limit the laundry to just what you really need. 
  • We are advising that people wear facemasks if possible, keep 2 metres/6 feet apart, clean surfaces with soapy water, wash your hands frequently with soap at the sink, and try to not touch your face while in the Laundromat and try not to go too often. 
  • We are also offering help with navigating and applying for Government Aid/Assistance and other help if people contact Christina or
  • We also sometimes get donations of bread or face masks, so if you would like to be put on a list for these, please let Christina know. We will let people know when we will resume this program in person.

Thank you for your patience at this time.


Community Laundry Enterprise Assisting Neighbours (CLEAN).  

The church offers a time of fellowship and free laundry to those who need it every Wednesday morning (9:30am-12noon). This happens at the Washing Wells Laundromat, which is located at 1910 Commercial Drive.  

If you would like to co-host people coming in to do free laundry, contact:

Christina Chiu,

To donate to the ministry of CLEAN Break, follow this link.