Health & Mental Health Resources

Watch this space for resources as they become available

Mental Health Racoons

Care Team [email protected]

December 2020 Update: The care team has provided resources for mental health and wellness support. Links to all of these great documents are below. Including: 

Caring for Ourselves and Others in the Midst of a Quickly Changing World (a booklet) [See PDF below]  

Please note that this booklet is intended to offer suggestions with helpful ways to manage the stress of the current pandemic crisis, and its impact on everyday life. While written by a qualified therapist, it is meant to be helpful in caring for mental health through maintaining steadiness and balance in everyday living. It is not intended to replace care from a qualified mental health professional, or address ongoing anxiety and depression that may also arise in this experience. If you are experiencing additional stress that cannot be managed through practices like the ones suggested in the booklet, please do not hesitate to seek out professional help.   

A Regular Rhythm of Care (one page) [See PDF below]  

These suggestions are generalized to help a wide variety of people, so read it and adopt 1 or 2 things at a time, that fit for you. In a time of ongoing crisis, it is best to make small changes at a time, rather than try to overhaul your whole life and rhythms