There are many excellent resource lists about racism, racial justice and reconcilliation out there. This list for our Grandview Church community aims to be a concise place to start, and to focus on the place of the Christian church in pursuing racial justice and reconcilliation.


  • Just Because Your Door is Open Doesn’t Mean I’m Welcome Here, Kathy Khang
    • This article, in Christianity Today, addresses the lack of racial diversity in churches.
  • Guilty Roots: Owning our Ever Present Past, Terry LeBlanc (in CBM Mosaic)
    • This is an article in a Canadian Baptist magazine (our denomination!). LeBlanc pushes his readers to not exonerate themselves from the wrongs of the past, but see reconciliation as an on-going work to participate in.
  • We Need a Pentecost, Keri L. Day
    • This is an article that uses the story of Pentecost to envision a way forward in the context of a society that is intensely divided. 



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