Racial Justice Resources

On the topics of race, racism and reconciliation

There are many excellent resource lists about racism, racial justice and reconcilliation out there. This list for our Grandview Church community aims to be a concise place to start, and to focus on the place of the Christian church in pursuing racial justice and reconcilliation.


  • Just Because Your Door is Open Doesn’t Mean I’m Welcome Here, Kathy Khang
    • This article, in Christianity Today, addresses the lack of racial diversity in churches.
  • Guilty Roots: Owning our Ever Present Past, Terry LeBlanc (in CBM Mosaic)
    • This is an article in a Canadian Baptist magazine (our denomination!). LeBlanc pushes his readers to not exonerate themselves from the wrongs of the past, but see reconciliation as an on-going work to participate in.
  • We Need a Pentecost, Keri L. Day
    • This is an article that uses the story of Pentecost to envision a way forward in the context of a society that is intensely divided. 



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