Worship at Home

Resources for worshiping in this time

CHRISTMAS EVE 2020: Did you miss the Christmas Eve service? Watch (or re-watch) songs and story here: 

ADVENT 2020:  We are in a season of waiting. Waiting for the light of Christ to come in fullness. As we wait with you, here are a few ways to participate in our corporate worship during Advent.

  • SUNDAY SERVICES: 10:30am (zoom link on the Events page)
    Come together virtually as we walk together towards the light.
    Make sure to have your advent candles, communion elements, and instruments ready each week.

  • LECTIO DIVINA podcasts: on the Sermons page, and in our podcast feed
    Take time for quiet reflective listening to scriputre, solo, or with your household or homegroup. 
    Lectio for a new scripture passage will be posted each Sunday. 

  • SONGS to listen to during Advent
    Musicians from our community have recorded a few Grandview favourite Advent songs. 
    Stream from the website, or download to listen at your leisure. 

  • ADVENT AT HOME packages: in your mailbox! 
    By now you should have receved your own Advent package. This package includes:
    • a pastoral message from Joy
    • and an Advent at Home booklet with weekly practices for celebrating through the Advent and Christmas seasons and words to a collection of the Advent songs recorded by members of our community.
    • seasonal colouring pages
    • instructions for making a lantern (we will use these on Christmas Eve!)
  • If you haven’t received this mailout, please contact Randy at admin @gcbchurch.ca.
    ...And if you or your kids love the colouring pages, we have lots of other designs. Please ask and we can send you some more!  

  • LONGEST NIGHT of the Year Service: December 16th, 8pm
    Join us for a reflective online service to mark the Long Night of the Year. This service will be a time of remembrance for those experiencing loss, grief and loneliness during this Christmas season. It will also be a time to acknowledge and remember that God shines in the midst of our darkness. 


In this time of physical and social isolation, we recognize the importance of being pastored, and of feeling and being connected to others in our community. Below are a few offerings that you can choose to use as you enter into worship on a Sunday or through the week.

But worship of our Creator takes many forms! Lots of them don't need resources, let alone a church building or even other people. We hope you can use your creativity and listen to the whispers of the Spirit and embrace worship in your homes and neighbourhoods that goes far beyond these offerings. 

Weekly Resource Offerings for previous weeks of Sunday Worship:



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JULY: JOINING JESUS on the JOURNEY continued...



Resource Pages from previous Sundays: see links to the left 


Morning, Evening & Sabbath Prayers (digital versions):

SONGS to Sing at Home

Children's Seasonal Art! (Easter & Pentecost)

Additional Liturgies: for sabbath worship and other occasions