Refreshing Our Vision  

Through May 2014-May 2015 Grandview shared in a re-visioning process, and we continue to engage in the directions that we discerned together during this re-visioning process.  

Our process included the entire congregation through seeking input from home groups and through whole-church gatherings.  

We named the seven seeds of the kingdom that God has been planting in us as a community: worship, engagement with scripture, prayer, shared life, creation care, justice and creativity.  

We are paying attention to some course corrections that we discerned, including the need for Sabbath rest, deeper discipleship, the need to assist one another in finding housing, and monastic practices. We discerned eight priorities for our community at the present time:  

1.     Develop new monastic order/monastic rhythms

The church has had an ongoing dialogue with both the current membership and a number of the “scattered seeds” (those who attended Grandview but have moved away and have been blessed by the church in their sending) about developing a monastic order. By making commitments/vows to common practices, we believe that an order can form and hold us accountable to one another and to Christ.  

2.     Cultivate Rest and Play

We want to be intentional about developing a sustainable way of life that not only involves working hard but also resting and celebrating, and that takes the call to Sabbath seriously.  

3.     Focus our energy on working for justice

We hope to find creative ways for our church community to collectively collaborate to bring about meaningful systemic change. In pursuing justice we desire to include people from various walks of life and vocation, including people who work and pursue justice “within the system” as well as those who strive to offer a prophetic critique from outside of the system.  

4.     Vocation   

We desire to equip and resource people in their workplaces and places of regular weekly involvement.  Doing so takes seriously that our prayer, scripture and worship needs to be lived out in all areas of life, bringing this vision of justice and creativity to our weekly work.  

5.     Kingdom Education  

We have a number of gifted teachers in our community along with a growing desire for discipleship. We envision that this education will include offering classes in wide variety of learning areas, everything from gardening and healthy cooking to Biblical studies and theology, to sustainable economics and work.  

6.     Address Housing Need/Crisis

We are developing a range of strategies to assist people in our community to access sustainable housing. This is not only one of our primary course correctives but also a key justice issue in our city.  

7.     Develop our practice in mentoring

This is not a new thing but so far it has been mostly informal. We believe that being more intentional about mentoring would nourish us in Christ and in Christ's vision for community and justice.  

8.     Speaking for the Kingdom

We want to welcome others into this journey with Christ and with one another. We are searching for fresh ways to express the good news about Jesus. We are asking: what might an authentic utterance about our life in Christ sound like in East Vancouver today?