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In 2020, during the seasons of Epiphany and Lent all the way to Easter Sunday, Grandview is journeying through Luke’s gospel—moving from Jesus’ birth, through his life, to his death and resurrection. In this season, we want to see Christ afresh in Luke’s account in order to love Christ and be enamoured with Christ’s way anew.

Luke’s gospel is distinctive in that Luke has set out to give what he takes to be an orderly account of Jesus’ life (Luke 1:1-4), an account that is full of joy as well as of suffering. Some themes that come front and centre in Luke are prayer, the Holy Spirit, and women. While Matthew places Jesus’ life within the Jewish story (via the Genealogy), Luke places Jesus’ life within the whole human story, extending Jesus’ genealogy back to Adam (Luke 3). In addition, Luke’s gospel contains many events and parables that are unique to this book, and we are trying to focus on these texts in this series. These include the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, Mary and Martha, and texts on persevering in prayer. Of course, Luke’s account continues into the book of Acts, which tells the story of the global life of the early church. According to early Christian tradition (Irenaeus), both Luke and Acts were authored by the Apostle Paul’s physician, Luke. 

You are invited to join us as we take this journey through the book of Luke, either in person on Sundays or by listening to the sermons uploaded each week. By hearing these old stories, may we each come to know Jesus in new ways.


* Painting is The Last Supper by Jen Norton