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"See I am doing a new thing" Artist Statement, Sanctuary Art

Artist Statement for Advent / Christmas Sanctuary Art “See I am doing a new thing…”   The Annunciation is the ‘title’ given to the story told in Luke’s gospel of the Angel Gabriel’s visit to the virgin Mary to deliver the words of God that were to change the course of history.  Words, full of divine intent,... Read More


Holding Tensions

An external review of our worshipping community said that we: “have great capacity to hold things together that are most often kept apart.” John Keats called this ‘negative capability’, which he saw in poets and artists.    I found this posture beautifully expressed this week in a surprising place, a book by a... Read More


This is Kinbrace

This is Kinbrace (at least according to Anika)  [If you have trouble enlarging this pic, try downloading the file below] Read More


The Challenge of Hope, Part III: Surprised by Herring

The Challenge of Hope Part III: Surprised by Herring False Creek is gross. It is not a place I would swim. It is a stagnant caldron of effluent inhabited by obnoxiously bright algae and the refuse of houseboat-living sea vagrants. That said nearly one billion herring were born there because some do-gooders put... Read More


The Challenge of Hope, Part II: A Personal Confession

The Challenge of Hope Part II: A Personal Confession It’s not one of the frequently listed sins, certainly not up there with lust, greed, envy or pride, but despair, in Christian thinking, is a sin. Like all sin, it requires confession and repentance. I confess that I have despaired in thought, word, and deed;... Read More


Hope, Part I : Slowly Going the Way of the Walmart

The Challenge of Hope Part I: Slowly Going the Way of the Walmart My family moved to a new development in the suburbs of Seattle in the late 80’s. As a 4-year-old, I was excited by the move. The neighborhood our house was in had pockets of forest all around, tractors and bulldozers moving piles of dirt to-and-fro,... Read More


National Indigenous Peoples Day: You are invited!

National Indigenous Peoples Day: You are invited! National Indigenous Peoples Day is Thursday at June 21st and you are invited to a giant celebration of the day right in your backyard at Trout Lake. Festivities run from 9am-11 at the Friendship Centre and then from 11:30-5 at Trout Lake. Details can be found here:... Read More


Co:Here Banquet: the sacramentality of mac-and-cheese

Isaiah 25:6 On this mountain the Lord Almighty will prepare a feast of rich food for all peoples, a banquet of aged wine— the best of meats and the finest of wines.(sub wine/best meats for shredded chicken and mac-and-cheese) Yesterday was my turn to make dinner. I made shredded chicken, baked mac-and-cheese, and... Read More

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The Women Who Tricked Pharaoh

  Twelve women appear in the opening chapters of Exodus, some of whom by their cunning, boldness, and decisiveness trick Pharaoh and preserve Moses’ life in order that God’s plans might be fulfilled.[1] “Without Moses, there would be no story, but without the initiative of these women, there would be no... Read More


New Monasticism: an Old Idea in a New Form

New Monasticism: An Old Idea in a New Form             The names of Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove were not known by anyone beyond their friends and family at the turn of the century.  Now just over a decade on, their names like the name of the movement they are associated with, New Monasticism,... Read More