Songs to Sing at Home

Below, in alphabetical order, audio and video of a few worship songs to play and sing along to at home. 

(For a set of Easter songs, see the page linked to on the left.)

  • Alleluia (recorded Easter 2019)
  • Behold, by Emily Parsons Dickau:
  • Burn this as a Light, by Tom Wuest, played by Charlie:
  • Christ the Lord (recorded Easter 2019)
  • Creator of Orion, by Tom Wuest, played by Jeanette, with Steve:
  • Crown Him With Many Crowns (recorded Easter 2019)
  • Father Let Your Kingdom Come (recorded Easter 2019)
  • God Our Mother

  • Halle-Halle-Hallelujah (recorded Easter 2019)
  • Halle-Halle-Hallelujah (Easter 2020 video compilation)
  • He's Alive (recorded Easter 2019)
  • How Long, by Peter La Grand, played by the Jakoy family
  • I Looked Up (recorded Easter 2019)
  • Jesus Is Alive (recorded Easter 2019)
  • Jesus, Bread of Life (recorded by Nat)
  • Lay it All Down, played by Jeanette, with Steve:
  • Liberanos, played by Charlie:
  • The Lord is my Light:
  • Lord Let Your Glory Fall
  • Mender of All Things, played by Charlie: 
  • O God of Tender Mercies, by Emily Parsons Dickau:
  • On The Road to Emmaus (He is Risen) (recorded Easter 2019)
  • Something Like Scales, Nat Wiarda
  • Stillwater, played by Charlie: 
  • Uyai Mose
  • We Bow Down

  • Were You There/Bow Down, played by Jeanette, with Steve: